On the French Frontier 1700-1800
Captain of the Militia - Louis Turpin

You are Louis Turpin Sound, captain of the militia of Kaskaskia, farmer, and merchant. You are one of the wealthiest men in Kaskaskia. You live in one of the largest houses in town. It has three floors, is built of stone, and stands on the corner of two streets that lead to the parish church. Your home also serves as your trading post. It is from here that you sell imported goods from New Orleans that cannot be made in Kaskaskia.

Born in 1694 at Montreal to Pierre Alexandre Turpin Sound and his second wife, Marie Charlotte Beauvais Sound, you moved to Kaskaskia from Canada when you were a little boy with your family. Through hard work, your father became a prominent land owner and merchant. He taught you the art of commerce--how to bargain with the merchants in New Orleans, and how to speak the language of the Kaskaskia Indians. Through profits you have made as a merchant, you have bought land and slaves.

You are good friends with Pierre Riviére Sound, the skipper of the convoy. Pierre has asked you to hire more men to help at the oars and to protect the convoy against a surprise attack by the Fox and Sauk Indians. You stopped travelling with the convoy many years ago. But this year the drought may have caused the prices of grain, corn, and bacon to rise in New Orleans. Your men may need help negotiating the best price for the sale of the agricultural products on board the convoy.

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