On the French Frontier 1700-1800
The Niece - Marie-Louise La Course

You are Marie-Louise La Course Sound. When both your parents died you moved from France to Kaskaskia, Illinois, to keep house for your older brother, Louis La Course Sound, until you find a husband to marry. It has been over a year since you made the dangerous ocean voyage from France to New Orleans and then traveled up the Mississippi River to Kaskaskia with the convoy of bateaux.

Your best friend is your cousin Rene Lemoine-des Pins' Sound wife, Marie-Jeanne. She has promised to help you find a husband. Men outnumber women three to one in the Illinois colonies, and most men are eager to have a French wife but are not willing to travel back to France (see Nicholas Chassin's Sound letter). She assures you that you will have your pick of the most successful farmers.

You have received a letter from the office of the Royal commander in New Orleans notifying you that your belongings from France have arrived. Among your things is a feather bed, which will make a perfect dowry for when you marry. Louis has asked Rene to go to New Orleans to bring your things safely back to Kaskaskia.

What is life like in Kaskaskia?

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