On the French Frontier 1700-1800
The Convoy--a Simulation of Life on the French Frontier

Convoy Drawing

About 100 traders and soldiers are preparing to make a major trip from the village of Kaskaskia, located in the Illinois country, to New Orleans. They will travel together in a convoy of barges carrying agricultural products and furs to trade in New Orleans for supplies for the colonies. By traveling together they are less vulnerable to Indian attack. It is February 1752, and they want to move now while the river is high. It will take two to three weeks for the convoy to reach New Orleans going downriver. It will take three to four months for the convoy to return to Illinois against the current.

The convoy affects the lives of everyone in the community of Kaskaskia. Pick the person that you would like to role-play, and imagine their experiences as the convoy sets off for New Orleans.


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