On the French Frontier 1700-1800
Farmer's Wife - Marie-Jeanne Lemoine-Des Pins

Your name is Marie-Jeanne Lemoine-Des Pins Sound. You are the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Sound and Marie-Louise LaCroix Sound. You have grown up in Kaskaskia and have known Rene most of your life. Now that you are married, you have the full responsibility for the farm when Rene is away. When the wheat and corn crops have been planted, he leaves for weeks at a time to hunt for beaver and deer with his Kaskaskia friends. The beaver furs and deer hides he brings back can be traded for household goods that you need.

There are many things that you would like for your new house: fine crystal goblets, silver, linen, and china. The kind of goods that come from France and must be bought in New Orleans.

If Rene leaves on the convoy, he will be gone close to six months. You will have to manage the farm during his absence. What if there is a flood! What if the Fox and Sauk Indians attack the village?

What will life be like in the village without Rene?

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