On the French Frontier 1700-1800
Part Two of the Convoy: The Mississippi River

The Mississippi River and the Kaskaskia River, like our highways, were essential to the French colonies for communication and transportation. They linked the tiny, frontier villages in Illinois with New Orleans to the south and the Great Lakes and Canada to the north. From New Orleans a French settler could make contact, via the Atlantic ocean with Europe, the Caribbean and British settlements along the east coast of North America. 10 Illinois River
What did Illinois look like in the 1700's?

Follow the men as they travel down the Mississippi River to New Orleans in the convoy by reading the skipper's log of Pierre Riviere:

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Log entry 1
February 1, 1752
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Log entry 2
February 8, 1752
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Log entry 3
February 16, 1752
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New Orleans

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