On the French Frontier 1700-1800
Part Two of the Convoy: The Village of Kaskaskia

Kaskaskia was first settled by traders, Jesuit priests, and Indians. The village was founded on a triangle of land where the Kaskaskia River and the Mississippi River met. The Jesuit mission was built on the banks of the Kaskaskia River followed by the homes of the settlers clustered together for safety. The village was located on the edge of the farm land, which the villagers called "the big field." Land was measured in strips that ran from the riverbank to a fence separating the crops from the pasture land. Most villagers owned several strips of land in the big field. Across the river from the village, the men began to build a fort high upon the bluffs. In 1752 Kaskaskia had a population of 671 people. 17Drawing of Kaskaskia
What did Kaskaskia look like? [37k]

Father Watrin was the Jesuit priest in Kaskaskia from 1746 until 1764. Follow the events in the village by reading his Kaskaskia journal:

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Journal entry 1
February 1, 1752
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Journal entry 2
February 8, 1752
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Journal entry 3
February 16, 1752

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