On the French Frontier 1700-1800
The Riverboatman - Joseph Cesire-Liberville

You are Joseph (known as Joyous Sound) Cesire-Liberville Sound, born in Lachine, Canada. You have come to Illinois to find your fortune. You have traveled down from Canada, sometimes by river and sometimes on foot.

Your dream is to be a farmer. First, you must find a job and earn the money or goods needed to buy land. You have met Louis Turpin Sound, captain of the militia--local army--and prosperous merchant. He is looking for strong men to work on the convoy of bateaux. Having just arrived from Canada, you are familiar with the hardships of river travel and the life of a riverboatman.

If you work for Louis Turpin, you must sign a contract agreeing to work for him on the trip down the river to New Orleans and back up the river to Kaskaskia--a six month journey! Upon returning to Kaskaskia, you will be paid your wages. Until that time you will be no better than a slave and must work as they do, pulling at the oars night and day, taking care of the boats, and helping to defend the convoy in case of an attack by the Fox and Sauk Indians.

Should you look for work in the village?
Go on convoy Should you join the convoy as a riverboatman?
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