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Web Resources

The Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society. 2001.

https://www.bwas.swinternet.co.uk/arch_bham.htm. Article on archaeology in Birmingham mentions glassworks.

<>The British Museum. 2001.

Europe under Rome. https://www.thebritishmuseum.ac.uk/world/rome/under.html. Image of the Portland Vase. For more information, click on Compass and search for the Portland Vase.

Corning Museum of Glass. 2001.

https://www.cmog.org/page.cfm?page=78. Glossary of Glassmaking Terms.

Dorflinger Glass Museum. 2001.

https://www.dorflinger.org/museum. History of the company.

The International Paperweight Society. 2001.

https://selman.com/ Articles and slide shows of paperweights.

Miki Travel Company. 2001.

https://www.mikitravel.se/place287en.HTML. Information on the contemporary Kosta Glassworks in Sweden by a travel company.

The Old Morgantown Glass Collector's Guild. 2001.


Online Glass Museum of New Zealand. 2001.

https://www.glass.co.nz/lampwork.html. Article on the history of lampworking.

The Paperweight Collector's Association. 2001.


The Royal Institution of Great Britain. 2001.

https://www.ri.ac.uk/. The ISM received permission from this institution to use the portrait of Apsley Pellatt, from Michael Faraday's album in their collection.

The Sandwich Glass Museum. 2001.


Saint Louis-les-Bitche, France. 2001.


Snyder, Jeffrey B. Unravel the Gavel. 2001.

From Your Mother's Cupboard? Morgantown Glass Graced the White House. https://www.thegavel.net/morgan.html . Short history of Morgantown glass on the Web version of the consumer magazine.

Ville de Baccarat. 2001.

<>https://www.ville-baccarat.fr/chistoir.htm French Language site showing images of the town.

Woodsland World Wide Carnival Glass Association. 2001.

https://www.woodsland.com/carnivalglass/pages/trade1.htm Trademarks of glassmaking firms and individuals.

Napoleonic Medals, 2001.

British Historical Medals 1760 - 1960. https://www.napoleonicmedals.org/coins/bhm.htm. Site of private collector show images of medals from which sulphide portraits have been made by glass companies.

Print Resources

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Illinois State Museum. 1985.

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