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Map of Sweden showing location of Kosta Glassworks
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Kosta Glassworks

The Losta Factory in Sweden

Kosta Glasbruk was established in Smaland, Sweden in 1742 by Anders Koskull and Georg B. Stael von Holstein, the name a combination of the first syllables of both names. Although the company Kosta Glasbruk was discontinued in 1970, Kosta Boda group continued from 1970 to 1991, and it was bought out in 1991 by Orrefors, an art glass company formed in 1898.

Engraved Dag Hammarskjold Weight
Zoom in on Engraved Dag Hammarskjold Weight Engraved Dag Hammarskjold Weight
Kosta Glass Works, 1962

Victor Emanuel Lindstrand designed for the company from 1950 to 1973. In addition to making engraved weights such as the two in the Barker Collection, he also made freeform glass vessels with interior colored threads, glass sculpture, and at least one piece of outdoor glass sculpture.

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