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Skipper's Log
February 1, 1752

Loaded all 3 boats in the convoy and set off by mid-morning. Weather is clear but very cold. The current is strong. There have been heavy winds all day. We used our sails. The men rested, no need to pull at the oars. Most of the land is flooded on either side of the river. We will spend the night on the bateaux.

I sent out a group of 10 men to hunt for food. If we do not kill our own game--deer, rabbits, birds--we will soon run out of provisions. The hunting party has returned with a deer but one of the men is missing. It is almost dark.

Sunset, Pierre Riviere

As a group you must decide what to do in this situation:

On paper, list all possible positive and negative outcomes of your decision

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February 1, 1752
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February 8, 1752
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February 16, 1752
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