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Skipper's Log
February 8, 1752

Halfway to New Orleans. We have run aground in a swampy area. Half a mile ahead the river widens and grows deeper. The men are trying to pole the boats along. It would be faster to unload the bateaux and carry the goods by foot to the point where the river deepens. It is growing dark and the men are tired. A few hours ago an Indian canoe was sighted not far behind us. All are worried that it may be a hunting party of the Fox or Sauk. If they catch us here they will kill every last man and take our grain, furs and pork.

Sunset, Pierre Riviere

As a group you must decide what to do in this situation:

On paper, list all possible positive and negative outcomes of your decision

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February 1, 1752
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February 8, 1752
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February 16, 1752
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New Orleans
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