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Skipper's Log
February 16, 1752

We have reached the village of Natchez just above New Orleans. It has been a hard winter for them. Many children and adults have died from hunger and illness. The villagers are in desperate need of grain and pork but they have nothing to trade with us. The only kind of bargain they will be able to make is to repay us in the future.

In two days time we should be in New Orleans. The grain and pork prices will have gone up because of the shortages and what we have will make us wealthy. Some men want to push on without giving these villagers any grain or meat.

Sunset, Pierre Riviere

As a group you must decide what to do in this situation:

On paper, list all possible positive and negative outcomes of your decision

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February 1, 1752
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February 8, 1752
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February 16, 1752
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New Orleans
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