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Kaskaskia Journal
February 1, 1752

The village seems so empty now that the convoy has left and with it a hundred of our men, as well as the surplus grain, pork, animal pelts and furs that have filled the storehouse all winter. The men have taken everything to trade in New Orleans for items imported from France.

Some hogs broke through the fence today that separates the big field from the pasture. One fell in the river and drowned. The family who owned the hog is angry. They want a new hog and are going to fine the family whose fence the hogs broke through. During the growing season maintaining the fence is necessary because stray animals could ruin the crops, so families whose fences fall apart are fined. But it is February and we will not begin planting until April or May when the ground is thawed.

Father Philibert Watrin

As a group you must decide what to do in this situation:

On paper, list all possible positive and negative outcomes of your decision

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