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Sulphide portrait designs were a conscious revival of ancient cameos from Pompeii and Herculaneum during the Classical Revival Period of the early to mid-1800s. The Barker Collection contains sulphide paperweights and in the form of plaques, which were hung in groups as interior decoration. Apsley Pellatt examples are of a sulphide-encrusted bottle and an obelisk.

Louis Napoleon Bonaparte Sulphide Hunter and Dog Joan of Arc Sulphide Sulphide Portrait of Napoleon I Presidential Doorknob Princess de Lymballe Sulphide Portrait Baptism of the King of Rome Sulphide Duke of Wellington Sulphide Portrait Comte de Chambord Sulphide Portrait George Washington Sulphide Portrait Napoleon I Sulphide Portrait Napoleon III Sulphide Portrait on Blue George Washington Sulphide Portrait Sulphide Portrait of Moliere Sulphide Portrait of Napoleon III Sulphide Portrait of Meyerbeer Sulphide Portrait by Feuillet Sulphide Portrait of Sixteenth-century Man Sulphide Portrait of Napoleon III Sulphide Portrait of Napoleon III on Amber Holy Family Sulphide Scene Sulphide Marble Napoleon III and Eugenie Sulphide Sulphide of Queen Victoria Joan of Arc Sulphide Octagonal Napoleon I Sulphide Plaque Sulphide Portrait on Bottle Sulphide Portrait Plaque Apsley Pellatt Sulphide Obelisk This graphic illustrates the method traditionally used to enclose a sulphide cameo in glass during the process of incorporating a sulphide into a paperweight, plaque, or other glass item.

Top : Techniques : Sulphides

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