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Top : Techniques : Lampwork : Floral pattern lampwork

Floral pattern lampwork

Victorians had a great interest in flowers, including the symbolism of flowers, published in several versions in the late 1800s. Popular flowers created in paperweights were clematis, dahlia, pansy, camomile, primrose, fuschia, and buttercup.

Lampworked Pink Dahlia Lampworked Clematis-bud Bouquet Lampworked White Camomile Lampworked Yellow Buttercup Lampworked Red and White Buttercup Lampwork and Millefiori Posy White Clematis Rose and Pansy Lampworked Bouquet Lampworked Red Rose Lampworked Blue and White Clematis Lampworked Yellow and White Buttercup Lampworked Pink Clematis Lampworked "Thousand Petal" Rose Lampworked Clematis Garland Lampworked Purple Pansy Lampworked Pansy and Gentian Bouquet Lampworked Pink Clematis and Buds Lampworked Upright Bouquet with Red Torsade Lampworked Pansy on Filigree Ground Lampworked Pink and White Primrose Posy on Filigree Lampworked Red Clematis on Filigree Lampworked White Camomile with Millefiori Ring Lampworked Copper Camomile Lampworked Pansy Bouquet Lampworked Upright Bouquet with Pink Torsade Lampworked White Camomile on Latticinio and Red Ground Lampworked Blue and White Banded Primrose Lampworked Primrose Miniature Lampworked Posy Miniature Lampworked Pansy Miniature Upright Shaded Yellow Rose Emil Larson Rose Lampworked Wheat Flower with Millefiori Ring Lampworked Wheat Flower Lampworked Yellow Clematis Lampworked Blue Clematis Lampworked Lavender Clematis Miniature Flat Posy  Pink Rose Miniature Lampworked Blue Primrose Miniature Pink Lampworked Primrose Miniature Lampworked Upright Bouquet Lampworked Red, White, and Blue Bouquet Upright Bouquet with Torsade Pink Camomile Pansy with Millefiori Ring Magnum Weight with Upright Bouquet Lampworked Fuschia Bouquet Lampworked Morning Glory Lampworked Clematis on Jasper Ground White Lampworked Clematis Flat Lampworked Clematis Bouquet Lampworked Clematis Buds Lampworked Pansy and Clichy Rose Bouquet Lampworked Anemone Blossom Lampworked Gardenia Blossom Flat Posy on Amber Miniature Lampworked White Blossom Blue Lampworked Clematis on Latticinio Lampworked Posy in Amber Lampworked Camomile Flower over Red Lampworked Purple Dahlia Lampworked Amber Dahlia Miniature Flat Posy Lampworked-Cane Flowering Vine Miniature Lampworked White Blossom Posy on a Grid-cut Base Lampworked Clematis on Latticinio Swirl Upright Lampworked Bouquet with Blue Torsade Flat Pansy and Clematis Bouquet Lampworked Pansy Faceted Upright Lampworked Bouquet Miniature Lampworked Upright Bouquet (side view)

Top : Techniques : Lampwork : Floral pattern lampwork

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