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Lampworked Pink Dahlia Double Overlay with Millefiori Mushroom Lampworked Clematis-bud Bouquet Double Overlay with Mushroom Lampworked White Camomile Louis Napoleon Bonaparte Lampworked Yellow Buttercup Lampworked Butterfly on a Clematis Sulphide Hunter and Dog Lampworked Red and White Buttercup Lampworked Handcooler Lampworked Handcooler Overlay with Garland Millefiori Chequer Millefiori on Filigree Overlay with Upright Bouquet Millefiori Mushroom on Amber Lampwork and Millefiori Posy Joan of Arc Sulphide White Clematis Magnum Millefiori Rose and Pansy Lampworked Bouquet Lampworked Red Rose Lampworked Blue and White Clematis Lampworked Yellow and White Buttercup Lampworked Pink Clematis Close Millefiori Moss Carpet Ground Millefiori Chequer Millefiori Lampworked "Thousand Petal" Rose Close Concentric Millefiori with Nineteen Clichy Roses Lampworked Clematis Garland Sulphide Portrait of Napoleon I Red, White, and Green Crown Presidential Doorknob Chequer Millefiori Lampworked Purple Pansy Blown Glass Pear Lampworked Pansy and Gentian Bouquet Lampworked Pink Clematis and Buds Pink and White Swirl Magnum Spaced Millefiori Turquoise Overlay Encased Overlay with Upright Bouquet Turquoise Overlay on Garland Millefiori Red Overlay Close Concentric Millefiori with White Lattice Basket Close Concentric Millefiori with Basket Base Stardust Millefiori Turquoise Carpet Ground Millefiori Spaced Millefiori on Carpet Ground Lampworked Upright Bouquet with Red Torsade Six-lobed Garland Millefiori Spaced Millefiori on Filigree Lampworked Pansy on Filigree Ground Lampworked Pink and White Primrose Chequer Millefiori Close Concentric Millefiori with Six Clichy Roses Fluted Garland Millefiori Posy on Filigree Spaced Millefiori on Filigree Lampworked Red Clematis on Filigree Star Carpet Ground with Spaced Millefiori Lampworked White Camomile with Millefiori Ring Emerald Green Overlay Lampworked Copper Camomile Baptism of the King of Rome Sulphide Lampworked Pansy Bouquet Five-circlet Garland Millefiori Lampworked Upright Bouquet with Pink Torsade Princess de Lymballe Sulphide Portrait Duke of Wellington Sulphide Portrait Clichy Rose Close Concentric Millefiori Turquoise Cinquefoil Garland Millefiori George Washington Sulphide Portrait Napoleon I Sulphide Portrait Comte de Chambord Sulphide Portrait Napoleon III Sulphide Portrait on Blue George Washington Sulphide Portrait Sulphide Portrait of Moliere Turquoise Chequer Millefiori Lampworked White Camomile on Latticinio and Red Ground Lampworked Blue and White Banded Primrose Lampworked Butterfly on Filigree Lampworked Butterfly Lampworked Primrose Miniature Pattern Millefiori with Clichy Rose Magnum Millefiori Mushroom Bacchus Close Concentric Millefiori Lampworked Posy Miniature Hand-painted Pinchbeck Spaced Millefiori Set in Rose Pink Lampworked Pansy Miniature Miniature Close Millefiori Four-layered Swirl Blue and White Swirl Lampworked Pear Miniature Upright Shaded Yellow Rose Miniature Close Millefiori Miniature Pattern Millefiori with Clichy Rose Emil Larson Rose Looped Garland Millefiori Pink and White Swirl Miniature Miniature Clichy Miniature Pattern Millefiori on Red Two Lampworked Red Cherries Lampworked Pears and Cherries Lampworked Turnips Cruciform Pattern Millefiori Miniature Pattern Millefiori on Blue Miniature Pattern Millefiori Lampworked Wheat Flower with Millefiori Ring Lampworked Wheat Flower Lampworked Yellow Clematis Lampworked Blue Clematis Lampworked Lavender Clematis Miniature Single Cane on Jasper Miniature Flat Posy  Pink Rose American Magnum Bubble Weight Cinquefoil Garland Millefiori Blown Glass Bottle Shape with Garland Millefiori Spaced Concentric Millefiori on Blue Pink and White Pattern Millefiori Lampworked Strawberries Blown Glass Pear Garland MIllefiori on Filigree Spaced Millefiori on Filigree Miniature Clichy Spaced Millefiori Miniature Lampworked Blue Primrose Miniature Pink Lampworked Primrose Miniature Lampworked Upright Bouquet Pentagonal Miniature Millefiori Lampworked Red, White, and Blue Bouquet Lampworked Plums Multicolor Crown Upright Bouquet with Torsade Pink Camomile Lampworked Salamander Lampworked Salamander (top view) Lampworked Salamander (close up) Pansy with Millefiori Ring Magnum Millefiori with One Hundred Silhouettes Magnum Weight with Upright Bouquet Quatrefoil Garland Millefiori Lampworked Fuschia Bouquet Lampworked Morning Glory Lampworked Clematis on Jasper Ground Scrambled Millefiori Miniature Single Cane Millefiori Miniature &quotC" Scroll Garland Millefiori Miniature Millefiori with Silhouette Cane Three Lampworked Cherries Carpet Ground Millefiori White Lampworked Clematis Close millefiori with Basket Clichy Close Millefiori &quotC" Garland Millefiori on Blue Pears, Apple, and Cherries in Latticinio Basket Lampworked Cherries Sulphide Portrait of Napoleon III Miniature Pattern Millefiori with Clichy Roses Miniature Close Millefiori Turquoise and White Swirl Pink Lampworked Snake on Filigree Flat Lampworked Clematis Bouquet Lampworked Clematis Buds Gilded Salamander Light-Green Lampworked Snake Lampworked Snake on Rock Ground Lampworked Pansy and Clichy Rose Bouquet Lampworked Anemone Blossom Lampworked Gardenia Blossom Chartreuse, Blue, and White Crown Blue and White Swirl Garland Millefiori on Red Close Millefiori Signed Close Millefiori Millefioroi<i> Tazza</i> or Wafer Dish Millefiori Wafer Dish Red, White, and Blue Crown Green and White Swirl Pink, White, and Green Swirl Two Lampworked Apples Lampworked Cherries Lampworked Strawberry Flat Posy on Amber Miniature Lampworked White Blossom Blue Lampworked Clematis on Latticinio Miniature Single Cane Millefiori Lampworked Posy in Amber Lampworked Camomile Flower over Red Lampworked Purple Dahlia Pastel Carpet Ground Millefiori Lampworked Amber Dahlia Spaced Millefiori on Dark Red Pink and White Miniature Swirl Sulphide Portrait of Meyerbeer Green Overlay Millefiori Wax Seal Lampworked Pears Sulphide Portrait by Feuillet Sulphide Portrait of Sixteenth-century Man Turquoise Overlay Miniature Flat Posy Miniature Twentieth Century Millefiori with Bubbles Lampworked-Cane Flowering Vine Miniature Lampworked White Blossom Pattern Millefiori on Jasper Sulphide Portrait of Napoleon III Sulphide Portrait of Napoleon III on Amber Posy on a Grid-cut Base Spaced Millefiori Concentric Carpet Ground Parallel Rows Millefiori Cinquefoil Garland Millefiori Millefiori Mushroom Lampworked Clematis on Latticinio Swirl Holy Family Sulphide Scene Miniature Millefiori Sulphide Marble Lampworked Bead Necklace


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