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Narrative Voices and Choices form the focus of the online exhibit. They provide glimpses into the lifestyles and domestic situations of real people by asking students to engage in the characters' decision-making process.
Objects Icon Objects trace over three centuries of change in domestic life.
Timeline Icon Timelines trace the events influencing domestic life in Illinois.
Maps Icon Maps illustrate the gradual transformation of Illinois from a land of forests, prairies and wild river valleys to a landscape organized by man. They highlight settlement patterns, transportation routes, and the location of major industries.
Sideby Icon Side-by-Side compares the lifestyles of different cultural groups based on ethnicity, gender, age, socio-economic class, and urban/rural identities.
Clues-to-the-Past explains and demonstrates the different methods and resources used by historians and social scientists to uncover and interpret the past.
Teacher Resources provide teachers with grade-specific themes, activities, lesson plans, and discussion ideas for a social studies and language art curriculum.
How to Navigate provides explanations of what the various buttons and links on the page will do.
Sound Click on this tiny megaphone to download a sound file. Throughout the French period, 1700-1800, each sound file contains a pronounciation of a French name.
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