At Home in the Heartland Online

Learning Goals and Objectives

Serve as a classroom resource and:
  • enhance a social studies or language arts curriculum
  • meet the needs of students at different developmental levels
  • address a variety of learning styles
  • provide Illinois-specific materials
Model interdisciplinary, hands-on activities that will:
  • engage students in the study of their own history
  • inspire student collaboration and group work
  • improve students' verbal and visual literacy
  • address ISBE goals and learning objectives for
Rationale Illinois-specific materials will:
  • increase students' knowledge of their community
  • provide a basis from which to study other cultures and societies--past and present
  • encourage the use of local resources in curriculum development
  • help teachers develop an interdisciplinary and theme-based curriculum
Materials The educational resources provided are:
  • historical narratives, images of objects, timelines, maps, cultural comparisons, and research tools relating to the social sciences
  • activities
    • computer-based
    • classroom-based
Key Concept Provide a quality learning resource that is:
  • accessible
  • user-friendly
  • fun for all ages

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