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Where did Ruby and her husband live before moving to Chicago? Is this place considered part of the deep South? Which states make up the deep South?

What are the economic reasons that Ruby gives for leaving the South? Do you know anyone who has moved to a new place in order to get a better job?

Before moving to Chicago, Ruby and her husband lived in a rural community. What types of skills would they have learned growing up in a rural area on a farm?

What types of skills will Ruby and her husband have to learn in order to make it in urban Chicago?

At the beginning of the 1900s Illinois was ranked third in the nation for manufacturing. What were the new industries that provided families like Ruby's with jobs?
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In what way are job opportunities limited for Ruby? What emotional impact might these hardships have on Ruby?

List the hardships that Ruby and her family are facing. How does her family work together to solve these difficulties? Has your family faced difficult times? How did you work together to get through them?

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