At a House Subdivided: 1950-1990
Side by Side Side by Side: Generations

A 1974-1979 survey of families in the Chicago area asked family members which objects in the home were considered special. The most frequently mentioned items are listed below by generations.

1. Stereos
2. TV
3. Furniture
4. Musical Instruments
5. Beds
6. Pets
1. Furniture
2. Visual Art
3. Sculpture
4. Books
5. Musical Instruments
6. Photographs
1. Photographs
2. Furniture
3. Books
4. TV
5. Visual Art
6. Plates

In general, children cherished items that invite physical interaction. Grandparents cherished items that encourage reflection. Parents chose items, in almost equal numbers, that invite either action or reflection.

34 Ann Melone's room Three Illinois teenagers in 1990 share the following thoughts about their rooms. 35 Grandparents room

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