What do you think?

Theo Finley plans to build his own home. What skills and abilities will he need? What skills and abilities does he possess?

In what ways would you consider Theo Finley a successful man? What attributes does he possess that have helped him earn his success?

How much education does Theo have? How do you think his education has helped him get ahead?

What has been the direct effect of World War II upon Theo and his family? How is he providing the best that he can for his family?

Why has the war created scarcity at home? What is scarcity? Give an example from the story and one from your own life.

Theo Finley has to compromise his plans to build a large house because of the shortage of lumber. Have you ever had to change your plans because of factors outside your control? What kind of compromise did you make?

Who do you think should propose first, the man or the woman? Do you intend on getting married one day? When do you want to start a family?

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