Century of Progress?, 1920-1950

Vocabulary Words

Ella Oelke

1. crossroads (n.)--where two roads meet.

2. rural (n.)--in the country, with farms, small towns, and not many people.

3. schooling (n.)--education.

4. be hard put (v.)--be in a difficult spot.

5.transportation (n.)--way to get from one place to another.

6. hidden acre--land way out in the country where few people travel.

Theo Finley

1. scarce (adj.)--not many, hard to find.

2. custom fit/custom made (adj.)--made by hand, especially for someone.

3. Taj Mahal (n.)--a palace in India famous for its beauty.

Bonnie Johnson

1. providential (adj.)--lucky.

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