At a Century of Progress: 1920-1950
Objects Teddy bear and monkey, ca. 1930
Monkey; Teddy bear

Teddy bear and monkey, ca. 1930
Made by Steiff Toys, Giengen, Germany
Mohair, felt, glass button eyes

Toy bears and monkeys have been popular children's toys for many years. The cut and sewn face of this monkey and its jointed limbs are characteristic of dolls made by Margarete Steiff, a noted German dollmaker. Toy bears were named "Teddy" following the 1902 publication of a cartoon which depicted President Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a bear cub. Steiff bears like this one were sold in several sizes and ranged in price from 98¢ to $12.00. Boys and girls alike toddled off to bed with Teddy unde r one arm.

Gift of Kittie M. Brown, Waverly, IL (1984.23.2. 1984.23.3)

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