With Art & Industry: 1890-1920
Clues What do catalogs tell us?

Catalogs help historians learn about the past in the following ways:

Price comparison
Compare the prices of these items to those in stores today.
37 Ironing board 38 Roaster
Items still being sold
Many of the things we use today have changed very little.
39 Banjo 40 Kitchen utensils
Identifying objects
Catalogs can tell us about objects that are not available today.
41 Flintlock pistol 42 Fluter
Trends in style
These were popular choices in their day. What is popular today?
43 Jugs 44 Organ
Trends in purchasing
Catalogs show us the items people needed and used. What would we buy today?
45 Boy's Farm Wagon 46 Cobbler stand

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