In a House Divided, 1850-1890
Henry Starr
Age 12
Rockford, 1852
The following story is based on a decision made by a real person.
At the end of the story, you will find questions and activities.
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Starr Family [13k]
Who is Henry Starr?

Twelve-year-old Henry Starr Sound was born in New York. The family came to Illinois two years ago, in 1850. Mr. Starr left a position as cashier of a Wall Street bank to become a merchant in the growing town of Rockford. There are three other children in the family, and Mrs. Starr devotes a great deal of her energy to their education.

Henry is a good student, but his mind is often concerned as much with toys as books. Today he finds himself with sixty cents of his own money and is considering his choices.

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