On the Fringes of the Prairie, 1800-1850
Objects Green and blue pitchers, 1800-1840
Green and blue pitchers, 1800-1840

These free-blown pitchers show examples of hand-applied decoration. The dark blue pitcher has an applied threading of decorative glass around the rim and a raspberry-shaped prunt or blob of glass at the base of the handle. The light green pitcher has a ruffled rim, formed by hand while the glass was hot, and an applied glass foot. The pitcher's green cast is the result of iron impurities in the silica. This common glass was used in making crude bottles and jars as well as windows and is often filled with tiny bubbles.

Free-blown and applied glass
Green pitcher: Gift of Geoffrey C. Blunk, Springfield, IL (701980)
Blue pitcher: Gift of Benjamin and Evangeline Hunter, Lebanon, IN (702901)

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