On the Fringes of the Prairie, 1800-1850
Objects Bottle, ca. 1820
Blue tumbler, 1820-1840

Globe-shaped bottles were used in inns, taverns, and other public drinking places to hold wine, cider, or spirits. These beverages were stored in barrels and decanted into bottles for sale or serving. These bottles were stronger than most decanters because of their ribbing. Swirled ribs were formed when the glass was blown into a small, ribbed mold and then swirled and expanded by more blowing. The lip was applied and tooled, then fitted with a cork. The Mantua Glass Company was one of three early Midwestern glasshouses known for their production of swirled and ribbed flasks and bottles.

Made by the Mantua Glass Company, Mantua, OH
Free-blown and expanded glass
Gift of Geoffrey C. Blunk, Springfield, IL (701994)

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