On the French Frontier 1700-1800
Nicholas Chassin
Age 35
Fort de Chartres, 1722
The following story is based on a decision made by a real person.
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Writing Letter
Who was Nicholas Chassin?

The year is 1722. Nicholas Michael ChassinSound is the royal storekeeper at Fort de ChartresSound, keeper of provisions for that part of French Louisiana known today as Illinois. It has been three years since his arrival in the little settlement of Kaskaskia.

An educated man who makes a fine salary of 600 livres* a year, Nicholas sometimes serves as a notary and judge in addition to his other duties. Now he is distressed. To create a home, he needs an "article of furniture." The choices are limited.

*Livres, like our dollars, were used to determine the worth of goods and services in colonial Illinois.

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