On the French Frontier 1700-1800
Livre's Worth

A livreSound was the basic unit of French currency, like our dollar. Money was scarce in the colony, so people traded the goods and services they produced for the items they wanted. For example, a farmer might trade two bushels of wheat, valued at 20 livres, for two used shirts, also valued at 20 livres. Remember, there were no stores in colonial Illinois, so the used shirts would probably have come from an estate sale.

Pretend that you are a farmer and choose an item below that you would like for yourself or for your home in colonial Illinois.

Wardrobe Pot Fork, knife, spoon, goblet
Capot and Waistcoat Pistol Armchair

Extra Hard

Oxen 4 Poster Bed
These items were listed with their values in the estate inventory of Marie Catherine Baron in 1748.
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