On the French Frontier 1700-1800

Teachers Level Two

Learning Goals and Objectives--Grades 6 - 8

Voices and Choices--Olivier Daniel
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Voices and Choices--Ollivier Danielle

Ollivier Danielle is a young man, in his 20s, who has arrived in Illinois from Canada. He needs to find work for himself and must choose among a variety of occupations.


These themes can be explored with either a social studies or language arts curriculum. Use these themes to tie in other resources to your class discussion, i.e., other books, other cultures, students' own lives.


What do you think?

These questions which come at the end of each story, minus "the answer", can be used to start class discussions or be assigned as homework.

Where did Ollivier come from and how did he get to Illinois?

Ollivier Daniel came from Quebec, Canada. He would have travelled by canoe and on foot (during portages) from the Great Lakes and down the Illinois and Kaskaskia Rivers to the Illinois Country.

Why do you think he came to Illinois?

He came to Illinois to find work. Once French settlements were established in Illinois, many young men migrated from Canada to Illinois. They were attracted by the promise of adventure, cheap land, and job opportunities.

What kind of jobs did Ollivier consider doing?

Ollivier considered working as a fur trader, a lead miner, and as an apprentice to the locksmith.

Why did he decide to work for Sieur Becquet?

Ollivier was offered French shoes if he would sign the contract to work for Sieur Becquet for the year. Becquet also offered Ollivier lodging in his home for the duration of the contract.

In his new job when will he be paid?

Ollivier will be payed at the end of the year. Discuss with your students today's expectations of an hourly pay rate and standardized work conditions. How is the notion of work today different from that in Ollivier Daniel's time?



These are suggested classroom activities and student projects that you may want to use with your students or as models to create your own.

1. Letter Writing

Pretend that you are Ollivier and write a letter to your family in Quebec describing your new life in Illinois. In your letter include a map you have drawn that shows your trip from Quebec to Illinois in 1725.

2. Oral Interviews

Imagine that you lived in Illinois at the same time as Ollivier Daniel. What kind of work would you have choosen to do? Why?

3. Understanding Locks

Bring in a padlock and pass it around the class. Ask students to think about:



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