Glacial Lake Wauponsee

Geological features such as moraines, proglacial lakes, and other deposits, are commonly named for the locale near where they occur. Geologists named the proglacial lake that existed at Midewin between approximately 16,000 and 15,400 for the township of Wauponsee.
Wauponsee takes its name from Chief Waubonsee, an influential Potawatomi chief. In July of 1829, the treaty of Prairie du Chien reserved 5 parcels of land for Chief Waubonsee at a site near present-day Aurora, in Kane County, Illinois. In 1826-1827, Waubonsee’s Village had a population of between 41 and 46 individuals (Baerrieis, et al. 1974).
Glacial lakes of Illinois in the vicinity of Midewin NTP
(Willman and Frye, 1970)
Potawatomi Chief Waubonsee
Potawatomi Chief Waubonsee
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