At a House Subdivided: 1950-1990

Picture Credits

1. "Westchester subdivision and construction of Veteran's Parkway. Springfield, 1974." Courtesy of Illinois Department of Transportation.

2. Courtesy of Esther Hunn.

3. Photo by Irene Boyer, Illinois State Museum.

4. Courtesy of Esther Hunn.

5. Courtesy of Esther Hunn.

6. Courtesy of Esther Hunn.

7. Courtesy of Esther Hunn.

8. Photo by Irene Boyer, Illinois State Museum.

9. Courtesy of Illinois Department on Aging.

10. Photo by Irene Boyer, Illinois State Museum.

11. Photo by Irene Boyer, Illinois State Museum.

12. Courtesy of Efren Carizales.

13. Courtesy of Efren Carizales.

14. Courtesy of Efren Carizales.

15. Courtesy of Efren Carizales.

16. Courtesy of Efren Carizales.

17. Courtesy of Efren Carizales.

18. Courtesy of Chicago Historical Society.

19. Courtesy of Efren Carizales.

20. Courtesy of Libertyville-Mundelein Historical Society.

21. Courtesy of Arthur Turner.

22. Courtesy of Arthur Turner.

23. Courtesy of Arthur Turner.

24. Courtesy of Arthur Turner.

25. Photo by Jan Wass, Illinois State Museum.

26. Courtesy of Arthur Turner.

27. Courtesy of Arthur Turner.

28. Courtesy of Arthur Turner.

29. Courtesy of Graceland.

30. Courtesy of McDonald's Corp.

31. Liberation News Service release, Seed Collection, Chicago Historical Society (ICHi-20781).

32. Courtesy of Illinois State Historical Library.

33. Map by Julie Snyder and John Lewis, Illinois State Museum.

34. Courtesy of Ann Melone.

35. Mr. And Mrs. Frank McNair in family room of their home in Anna, Illinois, 1977." Courtesy Illinois State Historical Library.

36. Courtesy of Valerie Das.

37. Courtesy of Ambar Zobairi.

38. Irene Boyer interviewing Esther Hunn. Photo by Marlin Roos, Illinois State Museum.

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