At a House Subdivided: 1950-1990
Objects Roller skates, ca. 1950
Roller skates, ca. 1950

Made by Chicago Roller Skate Company, Chicago, IL
Leather, maple wheels

These roller skates were given to Regina Marie Fronmüller of Springfield, Illinois, when she was in the seventh grade. Like many of her friends, she enjoyed skating to music at the local rinks. The Moonlight Garden Roller Skating Palace featured "Hammond organ music nightly" and the Parkview Roller Rink advertised "skating for poise and charm." Marie's skates were designed for fancy or trick skating, as well as dancing, and came with a booklet that discussed dance steps, balance and posture, rhythm and timing, and backward skating.

Gift of Sister Marie Fronmüller (1991.62.2-3)

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