At a House Subdivided: 1950-1990
Objects Phonograph, 1950
Phonograph, 1950

Made by Zenith Radio Corp., Chicago, IL
Cobramatic model
Metal, plastic

The introduction of long playing records in 1948 made better-sounding records possible. Better recordings in turn sparked interest in better-quality sound equipment. This was the beginning of mass-produced high-fidelity, or "hi-fi," equipment. High fidelity meant extending the range of highs and lows, the overtones that give music its rich musical presence. This hi-fi was used in Champaign, Illinois, by Sally Spaulding. It has a "cobra-headed" tone arm and plays 16, 33, 45, and 78 rpm records that can be stacked 1" high on the spindle.

Gift of K. Sarah Spaulding, Champaign, IL (1990.23.1)

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