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Objects Lava Lite, ca. 1965-1975
Lava Lite, ca. 1965-1975

Made by Lava-Simplex Internationale, Chicago, IL
Glass, metal, wax

The Lava Lite was introduced to the United States in 1965, advertised as the "exotic new decorator lite that soothes, intrigues, fascinates, [and] entertains." A light bulb, seated in a metal base, illuminated and heated the liquid mixture contained above the base in a clear glass font. This caused the "lava" to bubble and circulate, "a million moving shapes." Lava Lites came in a variety of colors--blue, green, yellow, and red--and cost about $25. This one was given to Steve and Irene Boyer as a Christmas gift by Steve's parents.

Gift of Steve and Irene Boyer, Springfield, IL (1990.20.1)

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