At a House Subdivided: 1950-1990
Objects Lamp/planter, 1953
Lamp/planter, 1953

Made by Haeger Potteries, Dundee, Illinois
Panther pattern
Molded earthenware, mottled glaze

Haeger lamps, with their molded figures and unusual glazes, were popular in the 1950s. The flowing lines of the panther and trees and the flowing glaze of this lamp created an interesting impression of movement and life. Haeger created a custom shade to match the colors of its Green Briar glaze. This lamp was purchased by Ada Stone as she moved from Berry, Illinois, into her brand-new home in Springfield. She grew variegated-leaf philodendron in the planter, adding to the natural effect of the lamp base.

Gift of Connie Stone Cantrall in memory of Ada Stone (1993.28)

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