Suggested Activities

1. Comparing Catalogs Across Time

Catalogs are a valuable source of information for the historian. They can tell us about: Based on the above criteria, compare an object from the early 1900s with a similar object found in catalogs today.

Discuss the similarities and differences between the objects. What has changed and what hasn't changed? How is language used differently in the object descriptions? What images seemed to appeal to the consumer of the early 1900s and what seems to appeal to today's consumer?

As a class, put your information together and see if you can describe the consumer of the early 1900s vs. the consumer of the the 1990s. How do you think changes in technology have contributed to consumer needs and desires?

2. New Technologies for the Home

By 1920 people were stressing comfort, function, and economy in equipping their homes. For those who could afford them, new inventions such as electricity, indoor plumbing, and central heating helped meet these ends.

Find out more about new technologies for the home in the areas of:

3. Reporting on the Modern Home of Today

What are some of the new technologies for today's home? How have the new technologies of the 1920s been improved upon? Answer these questions in a written report on the most modern home that money can buy today.

Think about:
You might want to look at the website Remote Link WorkSpace Resources - Furniture for the Electronic Age
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