In a House Divide, 1850-1890

Vocabulary Words

Henry Starr

1. merchant (n.)--person whose work is buying and selling goods.

2. devotes (v.)--gives your full attention to something

3. is concerned with (v.)--thinks about.

4. considering (v.)--thinking about.

5. winter stock of goods--things to sell in the store during the winter.

6. to be instrumental (v.)--to be helpful.

7. principal founder--person most responsible for starting or beginning a school, a library, or a business.

8. prime--most important.

Philander King

9. draft (n. & v.)--calling men to fight in the army even if they don't want to.

10. sole (adj.)--only

11. distress (n.)--worries.

Alexander Curtis

13. squalid (adj.)--dirty.

14. to assume back rent--to agree to pay what someone else owes for place to live.

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