In a House Divided, 1850-1890
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"Last night Father and I put up the sitting room stove."
Henry Nevins Starr, Rockford, Sunday, Sept. 27, 1852.

"Made Wife a milk rack and mended her Shov(el)...White washed the front room."
Absalom Oscar Edison, near Martinton, Iroquois County, June 8, 1870.

"I wash up my buggy then Paint my wagon. The boys oil both Setts of Harness. This P.M. Bob & I drive Mag (the horse) to Plano & have trouble with her."
Christopher A. Wheeler, Little Rock Township, Kendall Co., Tues. April 2, 1872.

"Pa and the boys went to a political meeting at H(illsdale) tonight."
Alice Elizabeth Schall, Port Byron area, Wed. Oct. 28, 1880.

"Pa, Mr. Owen and Mr. Mose rendered the lard...[there] was about 40 gal. and got the sausage made and pig feet cleaned."
Marion E. Ruffner, Moweaqua, Jan. 6, 1887.

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