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Objects Cookstove, 1880-1900
Cookstove, 1880-1900

Made by Excelsior Stove & Mfg. Co., Quincy, IL
Amboy-National model
Cast-iron, nickel plating

Cookstoves burned wood or coal more efficiently than open fireplaces and allowed more control of the fire. With this model, wood was placed in the firebox through the small door on the left side. This small fire heated the cooktop and the large oven with its door on the front. Besides cooking the stove was used for heating water, boiling the laundry, heating the sadiron, and other tasks. Although its warmth was welcomed in the winter, it added to the insufferable heat of summer. The Excelsior Stove Company operated in Quincy from 1865 to the 1930s. A similar stove made in Quincy cost $27 in 1888.

Gift of the Condell Fund (1991.30)

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