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Objects Churn, 1875-1900
Churn, 1875-1900

Made by Macomb Pottery Co., Macomb, IL
Wheel-thrown earthenware, salt-glazed exterior, brown slip-glazed interior and lid, cobalt-blue slip stenciling

The task of churning cream to butter required time, patience, and arm strength. A dasher (long wooden pole with crosspieces at the end) was steadily pushed up and down inside the churn. A cover over the dasher minimized the splashing of cream. By 1900 Illinois was second in the nation for production of ceramics and the Macomb Pottery Company in western Illinois was one of the larger potteries in the state. The average potter at the Macomb Pottery made $1.25 for a ten-hour day, and a churn such as this cost about $1.

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